Milk Yield Recording

The ICAR-certified Nedap Milk Yield Recording system puts in your hands the exact production data for each cow so you can target management areas that are working or need improvement. Essential dairy farm equipment that provides you with insight into individual-cow milk production is, which is a crucial factor to understand the performance of your farm and make smart management decisions.

With Nedap Milk Yield Recording and Milking Point Controllers (MPC), you are equipped with proven tools for ease and efficiency on your farm.

Milk Yield Recording

Nedap Milk Yield Recording provides daily insight into individual cow milk production. Nedap delivers milk yield and conductivity data for each cow so you can analyze her productivity and health.

Production data is valuable to steer animal and farm management decisions to achieve the highest possible performance for each animal.

The Nedap system alerts you of conductivity problems so you can detect mastitis in an early stage, intervene quickly and avoid loss of milk production or early culling.

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Milking Point Controllers

Our Milking Point Controllers (MPC) facilitate milk harvest of every cow in your parlor. The system handles basic operations at the start and end of the milking process easily and automatically. The same goes for cleaning, take off, pulsation control and entry/exit gates. The system is fully integrated with the Nedap Dairy Management System, which makes it possible to easily view individual-cow data in the milking parlor and regulate separation.

This system gives you actionable insights, saves time and brings convenience and control to you and your employees.