Cow Locating

Finding cows that need to be checked, inseminated, treated or fetched was never as easy and time-saving as it is with Nedap Cow Locating. The system automatically locates the cows you need to find. It shows their real-time position on your barn map with one click on PC, tablet or smartphone. The system can accurately locate individual cows or multiple cows.

You will never have to waste time searching for cows in the barn again. Nedap Cow Locating saves valuable time, optimizes labor efficiency and contributes to timely, accurate execution of treatment.

Stop searching. Start finding.

A large number of daily activities require a search for individual cows in your herd. Finding the right cow is a difficult task, especially for staff who do not know the herd very well. This takes a lot of valuable time and causes frustration. When people move through the barn and remove cows from a group, it causes stress for the other cows.

  • Cows in heat that need to be inseminated

  • Cows to treat for synchronization programs

  • Cows that need to be checked for health issues

  • Cows in need of veterinary treatment

  • Cows still having to be milk

Cow Positioning with smartphone

Cow location at your fingertips

  • Single-click “location” button on individual cow card to view her position on the barn map

  • “Action” button on heat and health to-do lists to view the position of multiple selected cows on the barn map

  • Barn map showing the real-time position of single or multiple cows including animal number


  • Automated location of individual and multiple cows

  • Saving lots of time and frustration during daily routines

  • Less disturbance and stress in the group

  • Farm staff, AI technician and veterinarian can also easily use the system

  • Fast, easy and adequate responding to cows that need attention or treatment

  • Easy to give attention to individual cows that need it

  • Can eliminate the need for separation

  • Combined with Heat Detection and Health Monitoring for added value