Automatic Drafting

Alfco Farm Drafting Gate

Our partners at Alfco Engineering offer a fast, simple and efficient Drafting System. Cows can be safely and quickly sorted by the milking operator without leaving the pit.

All the cows numbers are logged and stored in the keypad which is located in the pit, when the operator needs to draft a cow for A.I or any other treatment he/she can simple type in the cow’s number into the keypad and she is automatically identified and drafted.

Alfco Drafting System Features:

  • Fully functional mobile App Full integration with CENSORTEC Animal Monitoring

  • Works with EID Tags

  • Two or Three way Drafting

  • Cows can be divided into 8 groups
  • Cows can be preselected into a group for treatment at a future date. EG: Hoof pairing
  • Cows can be selected into a group and remain in that group until their number is cancelled
  • Cows can be included in multiple groups and will be drafted into whichever group is selected
  • Cows without tags can be selected and separated from cows with tags
  • Double Antenna guarantees 99.9% Tag read rate
  • Cow count function at each milking
  • Keypad as standard in Pit
  • Manual button as standard for Drafting cows with no Tags
  • Remote Control (Optional)
  • Cows Drafted through a non – return gate, these gates do not allow her to return through the Drafting chute