Being able to handle more dairy cows with the same amount of labor. That was the main objective to purchase Nedap CowControl for dairy farmer Brian Mooney in Kill, County Waterford, Ireland. Here, he runs a spring calving based dairy farm with 220 cows with 250 acres of land. The main reason to invest in monitoring systems was that, since the quotas have been abolished, herd sizes have increased maybe 2 or 3 times as much and he felt like he needed an extra hand.

He felt that Nedap CowControl was the best health monitoring and heat detection system which can be integrated with the drafting system later on down the road. It automatically drafts the cows in heat or the sick cows.

  • 220 dairy cows
  • Spring calving based
  • Grazing

  • 100 hectares

Brian Mooney - Dairy Farmer

“It’s not how it changes it, it‘s how it keeps things the same.”