herd identificationtools


Proven electronic ISO compliant cow identification in all your automated systems such as milking, feeding and sorting & routing equipment.

herd heat detection tools

Heat Detection

Highly accurate heat detection with advice for the optimal insemination moment, as well as reproductive insights.

herd locating tools

Cow Locating

Locate cows needing attention or treatment quickly and easily.

See and follow their real-time position on your barn map.

herd health monitoring

Health Monitoring

Individual health management for early detection of health issues and intensive monitoring of transition cows and post-treatment recovery.

herd performance tools

Herd Performance Tools

Chart the behaviour patterns of your groups and entire herd. Get group alters when possible risks affect a group’s performance.

Evaluate the impact of management decisions on herd performance to make improvements.


Cow Drafting

Occasional sorting
Repeated sorting
Sorting/Routing per animal or group
Sorting on the basis of notification alerts



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